Santa Monica, CA | April 7, 2022

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The insider’s guide to the future of claims litigation.

Full-length sessions. Countless experts. Priceless information.

At our inaugural LitiQuest Insurance conference, insurance leaders took the stage to address this shared future, and how we can start building it — together.

A tight-knit group of progressive professionals joined us for the live event, and now we’re bringing those insights to you in our on-demand content hub.

Top-Rated Sessions from LitiQuest Insurance 2022:

  • Nuclear Verdicts: Leveraging Data-Driven Insights and Transparent Technology to Mitigate Risks

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  • Modern Defense Strategy: Tactics to Ensure a Winning Outcome
  • New Standards for Success: The Role of New Technology in Enabling Defense Firms to Work Beyond the Billable Hour and Focus on Outcomes
  • Collaboration, Technology, Evolution: Lessons Learned From Google, Ironclad & CLOC